6–10 Years

Using Music to Enrich Family Life

Make Some Noise brings music making to children and their families, in school and after-school.

Music is not just a subject in the school curriculum. It is a fun, rewarding activity helping children learn, create and work together to achieve. In after-school clubs, playtimes, lunchtimes and family learning days, Make Some Noise works with primary and middle schools, Special Education Needs co-ordinators and family learning teams, to run singing, composition, song writing, and instrumental activities.

We want to break down barriers to musical styles which might be unfamiliar and challenging. We believe young people should not be restricted by the limits of the music they know and like so far.

Who we work with

Looked After Children

Military Family Welfare

Emotional & Behaviour Units

Child Mental Health Services

Special School Settings

Community Youth Services

Primary School Settings

Young Carers Teams

Make Some Noise gives children the chance to discover exciting new musical worlds.

Make Some Noise provides opportunities for children aged 6–11 to engage in creative and engaging activities, in school time, after school and in the holidays. These sessions encourage children to focus on musical activities such as improvisation, composition, vocal work and technology.

Our projects have placed professional singers every week in a partnership of 15 primary schools, make singing a daily part of school life, support transition and build confidence.

We use talented musicians with the skills to work with a variety of age groups, including parents and children together. Our music tech and digital music workshops can bring music to community centres, libraries or art galleries as well as schools.

Make Some Noise introduces children to musical composition of other cultures, or even classical forms like opera and jazz as well as contemporary music such as rock and pop, grime and RnB.

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