Early Hurly Burly is an unprecedented partnership of West Midlands library services and music organisations, together with other partners. We believe that the lives of young children and their families are improved with regular access to the arts and positive cultural activities.

Early Hurly Burly will work with a broad range of partners to provide opportunities, introduce new programmes and develop strategies to access funding.

Our Vision:

ALL young people, before they start school should:

  • Enjoy face to face artistic activities
  • Have visited a library
  • Have been introduced to books and stories
  • Have experienced a live, age-appropriate performance
  • Have sung rhymes and songs, experimented with instruments and reacted to music with others of a similar age and their families
  • Live in an environment where they can sing rhymes and songs, play creatively, draw, paint, act and dance with support from the adults around them.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Commission high quality performances for libraries and other cultural settings for pre-school children
  • Continue our relationship between music organisations and libraries to build on the good work from previous EHB projects
  • Work with Music Hubs to develop pre-school programmes
  • Develop a strategic relationship with the Arts Council bridge organisation
  • Work with ALL service providers with a remit for improving the lives of ALL young people to achieve our vision.
  • Develop confidence-boosting activities for adults who work with and care for children in order that they can fulfil our visions.

For further information please contact: Cat Crum – OR, Sue Ball of Staffordshire County Council Libraries service –

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COVID UPDATE: Currently all sessions are postponed due to Covid-19 and rules around social distancing. We will update this page as more information is released. 14th July 2020