Spring marks a new era in chair leadership for Make Some Noise. Make Some Noise is delighted to welcome Nigel Senior on board as he takes up the helm as Chair to help steer the charity further forward.

Nigel is a familiar face to Make Some Noise, a dedicated trustee and member of the Board of Trustees since 2015. As Merelyn Lobb steps down as Chair, Nigel and all the team at Make Some Noise would like to thank Merelyn for her invaluable leadership and support for the charity over the years.

Merelyn, who is one of the founding and longest serving Make Some Noise Board members, reflects on her experience with Make Some Noise:

“I became aware of Make Some Noise through my role at a Young Offender’s Institution where I was responsible for the learning and skills activities across the prison. I commissioned Make Some Noise to deliver a music production project for our prisoners and was incredibly impressed with the skill and professionalism of the musicians who delivered the sessions – which produced original music, lyrics and a music video. Not surprisingly the beneficiaries involved absolutely loved it!

I was asked to join the Board of Trustees and did so willingly, being keen to assist in the great work Make Some Noise was delivering to a wide range of client groups. I had seen first-hand just how effective music making could be with cohorts of disadvantaged, often disaffected individuals. Participants developed as individuals and as members of a team in the process of producing the end result.

Since those early days the organisation has flourished in terms of the breadth of activities and client groups it is able to work with. Over time Make Some Noise has obviously had to adapt to a constantly changing funding landscape and it comes as no surprise to any of us involved that securing funding for our activities becomes more difficult not easier! Thanks to the commitment of everyone working within Make Some Noise we manage to carry on the fantastic work we have become justifiably well known for.

Since becoming Chair I have seen staff come and go as well as Trustees. But whoever comes through the door seems to fit right in with our values and makes a great contribution to what we do. I have never ceased to be impressed by the level of professionalism and hard work which this organisation sets as its benchmark. I tend to think of Make Some Noise as being a bit like Dr Who’s TARDIS – we may look quite small from the outside but on the inside we are immense!

I will remain as a member of the Board for now and am looking forward to supporting our new Chair Nigel Senior who will no doubt do a fabulous job. I’m happy that I shall still be able to support our CEO Tim and all the staff at Make Some Noise as they strive to maintain the incredibly high standards they have always delivered.”

Nigel Senior said:

“I’m really pleased and excited about taking over from Merelyn as Chair of Trustees for Make Some Noise.

Merelyn has been able to bring her experience, over many years, in the education sector, which has provided valuable insight and helped shape Make Some Noise, making it one of the area’s leading charities supporting young people’s education and development.

Merelyn has overseen many great achievements and successes during her time as chair and I hope I will be able to help carry on her legacy and see Make Some Noise reach out to even more communities and young people with the unique and creative engagement the brilliant team and music leaders deliver week in week out.”