Scott has been playing music from the age of 8, starting out loosely with the violin and recorder, and then moving on to playing drums at 11.

He found his home with playing drums, and eventually started playing in a band with some friends at the age of 15/16 during the last years of school. Scott grew his passion for music by becoming involved in playing at his youth group and church, building his skills in live playing and performance.

After school, he studied the Drum Course at Nexus: Institute of the Creative Arts. A Contemporary Music College studying all elements of your chosen instrument with live playing, popular music and worship.

Scott moved to Stafford in September 2016 and came into contact with Make Some Noise, where he’s been building his skills as a music leader in various projects ever since.

Why community-work? 

“My passion is to encourage the next generation, that they are valued, incredibly gifted and creative to impact their friends, families and the world around them. And I think community-work is a great avenue for that to flourish”