To celebrate Trustees’ Week (10-16 November 2014) we would like to focus on and thank our team of trustees for their invaluable contribution to Make Some Noise. Make Some Noise is very fortunate to have diverse, highly experienced and motivated Trustees governing the charity. The range of expertise and insight that is offered ensures that the organisation not only continues to thrive and develop, but that our vision to move children and young people beyond disadvantage through music says strong. The quality of their combined leadership has enabled the charity to open new doors, reach more beneficiaries and gain a national reputation for innovative and high quality provision for children and young people dealing with challenging circumstances.

Chair of the Board of Trustees of Make Some Noise, Eddie Evans

“When I left the Education Service at Staffordshire County Council in 2007 I knew I wanted to continue to make a difference to the lives of children and young people. I already knew of the outstanding work Make Some Noise did so I was delighted to be asked to become a trustee.   Being a trustee means I can help to improve the life chances and widen the horizons of thousands of children and young people by providing opportunities for them to experience and take part in music opportunities they would not otherwise have access to. I enjoy being a trustee as it gives me the opportunity to make a difference and to meet lots of interesting people. There is time and work involved but the sense of well-being  gained  through helping others more than makes up for any of that. I would recommend being a Trustee to anyone. Think about what sort of activity you really like and find a charity that does quality work in that field – and do it!”

Trustee Garry Churchill

“My first involvement with Make Some Noise was when I was commissioned as a consultant to help with the transition from being a project hosted by the local authority to becoming an independent charity. This duly went ahead and I’m pleased that Make Some Noise is still going strong six years later. In setting up a board, people had to be found to serve as trustees of the new charity. Having helped with the organisational changes it was not entirely surprising that I found myself on the recruiting officer’s list. I agreed to become a trustee and also company secretary of the new company. This is not an onerous commitment but it does carry responsibility for ensuring that the charity complies with the law and that we fulfil all our legal obligations. I’ve enjoyed my involvement with Make Some Noise and seeing the organisation not only survive but thrive despite so many changes in the external environment, including changing policies by funding bodies and in how local authorities work with the voluntary sector. Along with the other trustees I’ve felt honoured to be able to support the talented and committed team who work for Make Some Noise. I’ve been involved as a trustee and adviser with other organisations in the voluntary sector but as someone whose work takes me all over the UK it’s been particularly rewarding for me to support something in my own area, and to see the impact the organisation has in giving better opportunities to children and young people locally.”

Trustee Julia McBride

“I became a trustee of Make Some Noise at the end of 2013. As head teacher of a PRU which had worked with Make Some Noise for some years and greatly valued the work done with our young people, I was delighted to become involved as I was retiring from my job in 2014 and I was keen to maintain a link with the organisation. Being a Trustee means supporting and helping to develop the provision of opportunities for disadvantaged young people to engage with making music. I would say to anyone considering becoming a trustee, get involved with the projects if you can and avoid being someone who just goes to meetings.”

Trustee Rhys Harrington-Jones

“I was introduced to the role of a Trustee through a friend – without that introduction I would not have been aware of the role and work that is done. Make Some Noise activities centre around music which is a passion of mine so being able to combine this and be able to give something back to the community is fantastic. Being a Trustee for Make Some Noise is very motivating as it means that I can take an active part in the activities and directions of the charity and see the benefits to young people’s lives that a charity like Make Some Noise can bring. My support is within the Board Meetings that drive the direction and management of the charity as well as offering advice to the charity when required. My professional background is marketing within private businesses so I can bring this view to our discussions. For anyone considering becoming a Trustee I would suggest taking a look at what local charities are doing in an area that motivates you and get involved! It’s really good experience for anyone!”

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