Make Some Noise is dedicated to encouraging learning and fostering skills growth opportunities for music professionals. Having a highly skilled team compliments the quality of our service delivery and is something which we are keen to maintain and develop further. 

Currently 6 Make Some Noise music leaders are due to complete the Trinity College Level 4 Certificate for Music Education (Trinity CME) delivered by The Elgar School of Music, Worcester, a registered centre, accredited by Trinity College, London. The Trinity CME is a new flexible learning programme aimed at anyone working as a music educator with children and young people.  The course is customised to the individual learner’s needs with assessment based on a portfolio of evidence including realistic analysis in the real working environment.

Make Some Noise Press Officer Steph Newport caught up with two of our musicians who are undertaking this course to find out a little more about their journey so far. 

Since 2016 musician Scott Belle has been working with us on a variety of projects that are proven to show how music involvement can empower children and young people to become more confident, resulting in a better sense of well-being and achievement for all those involved. 

Commenting on his studies so far on the Trinity CME, Scott said: “I’m currently still on this journey of building my skills and knowledge in music education, not only through practical experience, which has been the majority, but also being able to have the paperwork that strengthens those experiences. I wanted to add to my portfolio of expertise which is why the Level 4 CME appealed to me. I feel like the course has helped me to look back over my time as a musician and music educator and see the development through different avenues, in what I have come across and worked through. For anyone considering a career in music education I would say that the practical experience and the theoretical knowledge go hand-in-hand and without one of them, you lose the beauty of why, what and how you’re doing something.”

Ella Hall, emerging music leader with Make Some Noise is also due to complete the Trinity CME said: “I love music and drumming.  I want to inspire other people to learn a musical instrument and become passionate about it. I have uploaded drum covers onto my YouTube channel from a young age and my favourite messages to receive are from parents saying that their child loves watching my drumming and now wants a drum kit of their own. I am very appreciative of Make Some Noise giving me the opportunity to do this course which appealed to me as I was able to complete a course in my own time, whilst learning and gaining experience in music education. This course has opened my eyes to the different ways/styles of teaching. I have become a lot more interested in this field than before. Before I was more interested in private teaching however I am now open to the idea of studying music at university to help widen my opportunities.”

Ella continues: “For anyone considering a career in music education I’d say that if music is something you feel passionate about and you want to teach others, then you should go for it. Whether you are in the early stages of your career like me, or are seeking to broaden your skills and knowledge as an already experienced teacher then this course is beneficial to you. This course is a great way to explore music education and gain experience/a qualification whilst doing so even if you’re not sure if this is the correct pathway for you.  I have learnt a lot from this opportunity given to me by Make Some Noise.”